existing in a body that people don't approve of, and having the gall to share that body on the internet and not hate yourself, is a sure-fire way to receive unsolicited comments about the way you look. this collection turns those comments into cute, positive designs that you can wear to remind yourself that you are incredible, worthy, & made for more than constantly thinking about the body that walks you through your beautiful life.

design 5.jpg

the "i'm not promoting obesity, i'm just existing" design

design 4.jpg

the "i don't care that you're not into big girls" design

design 3.jpg

the "why do you care more about my weight than i do" design

DESIGN 1.jpg

the "my body doesn't exist to please you" design

design 2.jpg

the "unless you're my doctor, kindly shut up" design

design 6.png

the "all quotes about weight loss suck"


i don't have a well-oiled operation here. i have some screen printed designs & a the internet at my fingertips. if interest continues, i may lock down a wholesale vendor, but for now, i'm looking for items one-off. 

step 1: fill out the order form

step 2: submit payment via venmo (@saraarlenelash)

step 3: i'll create your item

step 4: i'll ship the item right to you

step 5: you can feel simply gorgeous in your new item

thank you for supporting me <3 



Image by Meiying Ng

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