Target Swim Haul!

If there is one thing I love, it is swimwear. Never mind the fact that it is about 14 degrees outside and snow has been on the ground for 2 weeks now, I love me a good swimsuit.

The types of swimsuits I have loved in my life have adapted and evolved with my body. When I was in high school and early college, I'd rock a low-rise bottom that showed off my whole stomach. As my body grew and changed more, I went into high-waisted bottoms, and then took my stomach out of it altogether with a one-piece. Right now, as I continue to try and find and grasp at some semblance of routine as the pandemic ravages on, I'm prepared to go into summer in my biggest body yet. But despite the way my body looks or the number the scale reads during these difficult times, I refuse to enjoy my life any less.

So, it was time to try out a few new suit! I tried one full set, one one-piece, and one top (because I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottoms). Let's splash in!

Floral High-Waisted Bikini Set | XL in top & bottom

I was immediately drawn to this pattern in the store. I love a good high-waisted pair of bottoms, and the matching top was so cute that I couldn't pass it up.

PROS // The bottoms rock. They are really cute and comfortable, and with so many colors in the floral pattern, they would match many of my existing tops.

CONS // I did not like the way the top fit. You can barely tell in the photo, but there is a little keyhole that I felt was a real risk. Additionally, I was hoping the top would be a lot fuller coverage - not because I'm not comfortable with swim-cleavage, but because it was not structurally sound so it felt like the cleavage was a result of a flash-risk, not a cute and planned look. I will also put this in the con category, even though it is just a personal preference, but the bottoms are very full coverage in the back. Not an ounce of cheekiness. I know this is pretty common with high-waisted bottoms, but that doesn't make it feel like a diaper any less.

RATING // I give this entire set a 6.5 out of 10, but really, the bottoms carry most of that 6.5. The top, though cute, was a bit of a flop for a big-chested person. I would imagine this would fit and feel a lot better on someone with smaller boobs!

White Drop-V Bikini Top | 38DD in top

So, disaster struck. I had the cutest striped high-waisted black & white bottoms, but then kept going back an forth between them and a solid pair, and then when I went back to grab the original bottoms, I actually grabbed a pair of low-rise bottoms that were not my size. They were not camera appropriate my ANY means, so I kept the floral guys on. The top is the new piece here!

PROS // GUYS. This top is so cute. It shows quite a bit of cleavage, honestly, perhaps more than I'd typically be comfortable with, but it does so in an intentional way, because it actually fits. I love the white and honestly, it is a pretty fun top.

CONS // In my TikTok review of this top, you can see where it is even more inappropriate than in this picture. It is not just cleavage, but because it V's all the way down to the bottom, it also shows like, the shape of the boob? I don't know, but I would say this is probably a risky one to wear in an ocean or if you're going to be playing mermaids. I will also say, the back is a bit of a rope course and took a lot of time to figure out.

RATING // I give the top an 8 out of 10! Again, if you're going to be riding waves or doing cannonballs, I might stick with a more full-coverage top, but if you are just lounging around in or near a pool or body of water and just want to look hot, this is the top for you.

Green Bow-Wrap One Piece | XL

I cannot explain my hate for this bathing suit. Oh, my is it bad. I couldn't wait to take this off, so much so that I forgot to take a picture and had to screenshot this from my TikTok review to have a photo.

PROS // The ONLY pro is that it is cute IN THEORY. The bow is fun. The color is great. If it didn't fit so absolutely horrifically, it would be a cute suit. So, it was a good thought I guess?

CONS // Everything else. This suit fits so bad. And no, trolls, it isn't because I'm fat. It is because I'm tall! I do not know why Target does not make bathing suits for tall women, but this is a continued problem with their one pieces for me. The back is not cheeky, but it looked like a thong on me because it quite literally had to floss me to reach my shoulders. WHY! The bow hit in such a weird spot that no matter where I put it, I look pregnant. The scoop neck comes down about 5 inches further than it should. And this is with the straps as loose as possible! Hear my declaration: I will not be purchasing any more one-piece bathing suits from Target until they come out with a tall collection!

RATING // I gave this a 3/10 on TikTok, but that was very generous. I am more angry looking at this picture now. I guess a 1/10 would be the fairest review. *SHUDDER*


Target is really hit or miss for bathing suits, especially for plus-sized, tall, or big-chested women. They have really cute patterns and styles, but many of them do not translate onto bigger bodies, regardless how how they are bigger.

I actually ended up keeping 2 pieces! I kept the white top and the floral bottoms. I think both are versatile and can work with a lot of other pieces in my way-too-large bathing suit collection. I will be taking the other ones back, and maybe kissing Target goodbye as a swimwear retailer for me for a little while.

Where should I try out next?!

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