I Gave StitchFix A Try. Here's My Review.

Next on my review menu after Trunkclub was the extremely popular clothing subscription box, StitchFix. I'd seen reviews from some of my favorite YouTubers, and I was intrigued to see how their stuff stacked up against the mostly disappointing Trunkclub.

First and foremost, I have to say that the delivery was rough. I ordered my box on January 5th, and it was supposed to arrive on January 11th. On January 10th, the tracking code made its last update. I finally reached out on the 18th to customer service, letting them know that I understood the USPS was moving pretty slow, but it had been long enough without an update that I was worried it was lost. They agreed, and waived my fee, and sent me a new box free of charge.

The first box magically appeared on the 23rd, and the back-up box arrived 2 days later on the 25th. I still had some issues, as the online checkouts kept showing that the boxes had the same 5 items inside, but eventually, it all worked out.

StitchFix boxes only have 5 items apiece, but with 2 boxes, I have 10 pieces to review. Let's jump in!

Just USA | Lola High Rise Cropped Skinny Jean

Price: $58

Size: 16

The first item up was a pair of light-wash jeans... low rise light-wash jeans. With all of the buttons, and the fact that they were marketed as "high rise", I thought they'd hit the belly button. I was unfortunately very wrong. I have long legs and a long torso, but I've never tried on a pair of "high rise" pants in my size that were completely and inarguably low/mid-rise.

PROS // These pants were actually pretty high-quality. I liked the material a lot, they were very soft. I thought the distressed bottom was really cute. I love buttons instead of a zipper. The color is great! Really, besides my one major complaint, they were a pretty solid pair of jeans.

CONS // But... low rise! And, marketed as high rise! Look, if they just were low rise, that's fine. I get it. I would have to imagine I said in my style quiz that I don't like that, but whatever. But to market a pair of pants as high rise, and then they hit an inch under my belly button? Highway robbery.

RATING // I give them a 4/10. 1 point for each of the pros. But, a (fair) docking of 6 points for lying about the rise of the jeans... or worse, giving someone who said she's a 5'11" size 16 a pair of "high rise" jeans that never stood a chance.

Papermoon | Larie Tie Sleeve Blouse

Price: $46

Size: XL

Unfortunately, I did not get to try this item on. It is the material I deem "trap-terial", which means that I might be able to get it on, but I will certainly need a second person to help get it off. Because no second person was with me at the time, I decided to save my shoulders and pride the beating and not try it on.

PROS // It is cute. I like the pattern, and the tie sleeves are fun - I love a good non-traditional sleeve.

CONS // Not only is this material that I absolutely hate, I am pretty sure I said that in my style quiz. I definitely left a note that said I was a bigger girl, and materials with no give typically did not work for me. And yet, this!

RATING // I have to give it a 2/10. I imagine it would have been cute on, but I didn't get to experience that and so I can't really give it a positive rating. But, 2 points for a cute pattern and sleeve.

Magnolia Grace | Krissy Side Button Knit Top

Price: $64

Size: XL

Look, if someone walked up to me and said, "Hello Sara, I am getting rid of this shirt. You can have it, free of charge," I would take it and probably wear it 1-2 times. If a company asked for 64 dollars in exchange for this, I would laugh.

PROS // I mean... I don't even know? I guess I do like the color. But I can't really say I love the style? This is a real middle of the road piece, so I guess the pro is that it doesn't have anything deeply inoffensive.

CONS // I have 2 major cons for this: 1 about the fit, and one about the principle. It was very stretchy, which I thought would bode well. Not so. It really hits the nooks and crannies in an unflattering way for being a freaking sweatshirt basically. But, more than that... why? A subscription box is supposed to make me not want to shop anymore! We'll do the shopping for you! And... I get this? I understand that every single box can't be personalized to your style, and they're working off of one mere style quiz. But, this feels like they selected 4 items and needed 1 more and just saw this and threw it in.

RATING // Maybe it's unfair, but I'm going to give it a 1/10! I really didn't like this piece at all, and the only real saving grace was that it fit. This one, I think, was the biggest disappointment: even beyond fake high-rise jeans and a shirt that didn't fit. At least they were trying something!

Mix By 41 Hawthorne | Denver Front Twist Brushed Knit Top

Price: $38

Size: XL

I almost kept this item. It is 100% something I would wear. I love navy. The fun little twist at the bottom was great. This one was definitely a winner.

PROS // Really mostly everything. The colors were good, and I liked the way they were blocked. The twist at the bottom was fun. It is definitely in the vein of something that I would pick out for myself and wear.

CONS // I think the only real con was the price, which is super unfair because $38 for a sweater isn't really bad at all. I think if my $20 styling fee wasn't refunded and so I would actually only pay $18 for the shirt, I would have done it. Lord, our minds are weird. I might also add to the con list that this isn't super adventurous or out of the box either, they just landed closer to something I like on this one.

RATING // I'll give this an 8/10! I didn't dock for the price (not their fault, it was very fairly priced) but 2 points just for it being fairly generic when I said I wanted to try out some new stuff. But, still a win because I loved it.

TOMS | Julie D'Orsay Mixed Material Flat

Price: $89.95

Size: 11

I think I shed a tear packing these up and sending them back. These are so cool and fun and honestly, one of the cutest pairs of flats I've ever tried on.

PROS // LOOK AT THEM! They're so cute! I asked for adventure, for something new, and they delivered. They're adorable. They fit. I couldn't ask for more honestly. I pictured myself wearing them to my office and getting compliment after compliment. They're amazing.

CONS // They're $90 :( I did say in my style quiz that I wanted the cheapest options, but I know shoes are typically going to be more expensive. I can spend $90 like it is no one's business, but normally, I'd have more items to show for it. I couldn't justify $90 on one pair of shoes... no matter how brilliantly adorable they are.

RATING // 9.5/10. .5 for the price because I am still sad. I waved goodbye to them at the post office, one single tear sliding down my face.

Eden Society | Holly Contrast Hood Cargo Jacket

Price: $78

Size: XL

At first glance, you might be thinking, okay, sure. It is a fine, red coat. But, l had to summon the strength of one thousand suns to get this over my boobs. You can see that on my TikTok review here.

PROS // In a flat image of this coat not on a model, I thought, holy heck, that is cute. I was very excited for it. It is a cool color and style, and I will say the sleeves are awesome. They're super stretchy and not restrictive like I find a lot of coats to be.

CONS // It doesn't really fit. I gave them my chest size, and this coat barely crossed the finish line. I was using every muscle I had to get the zipper over the mountains, and it barely made it. And once I zipped it up? Ugly. "I feel like I'm cosplaying as a used super-plus tampon," I said in my video, and I stand by it.

RATING // Going to have to be a 3/10. Being cute in a picture of just the coat and having stretchy sleeves is just no match for not being able to zip it up, and looking like a red version of the Michelin man once it does.

Z Supply | Mercer Brushed Thermal Knit Top

Price: $58

Size: XL

I went back and forth on this item for a while before I finally decided to seal it up in its return bag. As soon as I saw this online, before it even arrived, I knew it would be a contender, and it was exactly what I was hoping for.

PROS // Absolutely adorable. Perfectly colored stripes. Amazing fit. It was a little bit cropped at the bottom which I love, and the texture was like the "waffle" texture which was fun. All in all, really no complaints.

CONS // For this one, the only con was the price. I waffled (ha, get it) back and forth for what felt like hours but was really like, 30 seconds, on if it was worth it. And $58 for a striped sweater (of which I own at least 3) seemed a bit steep. It is great quality, and perhaps one day I will not bat an eye at a $58 sweater, but today was not that day.

RATING // I'll give it a 9/10. I truly did love this sweater, and even now as the return package sits next to me, I am still considering ripping it open and keeping it... but no. $58 for something I could find something similar to for $25 is simply not justifiable to me!


This was the first item from StitchFix that I could find online, and interestingly enough, it only goes up to a Large from the actual company. Not like it is sold out of XLs, but it doesn't even have it listed as a size. This seems questionable to me.

West Kei | Casiya Tie Front Blouse

Price: $42

Size: XL

This baby? TRAP-TERIAL. But, I went for it because my husband was home and I figured I had a means to safety if it got to that point. So, I actually have a trap-terial piece to review!

PROS // It is cute. I like the keyhole at the top, and the tie at the bottom. I like the color and the pattern. If this was sweater material, I'd probably keep it, because overall it is a pretty nice business casual top.

CONS // I got stuck! Thankfully, because of the sound advice of some TikTokers on a video where I became trapped in a dress, I was able to wriggle my way free after minutes of pulling, making troubling noises, and praying. I simply cannot exist in a world where a shirt of this material is in my closet.

RANKING // I will give it a 6/10. It had a lot of pros, and I was able to safely evacuate the shirt without the help of a buddy. But a shirt shouldn't require that much work to get out of, and thus, -4 points.

I could not find this shirt from its original seller, but here it is on Poshmark for $25 if this review made you want to buy it immediately. (I cannot imagine that happened.)

Just USA | Marian Skinny Jean

Price: $58

Size: 16

Here is why women's fashion is oftentimes a JOKE. These are from the same brand (Just USA) as the jeans from the beginning of this review. They are the same size (16). They are the same price ($58). And these BARELY went onto my body. If you zoom in, you can see the button considering launching itself across my room. WHAT! These were super low-rise, but at least they didn't pose as high rise jeans. But my Lord, these are an abysmal pair of pants.

PROS // I am just going to say it... nothing. I literally hated these pants with a rigor I did not know I had.

CONS // First of all, the aforementioned sizing. Absolutely not. A 16 from the same brand should fit the same way. It sucks that they don't, and can be damaging to women who feel their worth exists in a pants size. Next, they were SO low rise. My butt looked so sad. The zipper was like an inch and a half long. I can't believe pants with such a waist are allowed to exist. AND, to make matters worse, they were short! At least the first pair described themselves as "cropped", and so it made sense. These aren't cropped, and yet, they are! StitchFix, I told you that I was 5'11". Work with me here!

RATING // My first ever 0/10. Not a single saving grace here. If I was told I had to wear these for an entire day, I would hope that day could be spend in a coma.

Love Ellie | Mia Back Detail Pullover

Price: $46

Size: 16

At first, I was a little bit frustrated with this item. Even seeing the back detail, I thought, this screams, "oh, we have a plus-sized customer... let's just hit her with a black sweater." And, part of me still stands by that. But, the back really did start to grow on me, and it is a pretty cool piece.

PROS // The back detail is *chefs kiss*. And, it is really comfortable! I tried this one with one of my favorite pairs of light-wash jeans and I love the contrast to the black. Once the world is not shut down again, I could see this being a pretty cool "going out" outfit with some black booties.

CONS // I still think there is some weight to my black sweater analysis, but I will let it go. The only reason I didn't get it was because of the price. Even with a cool back, $46 is a little bit steep for a black sweater in my frugal opinion. The back is really fun though.

RATING // This is definitely at least an 8/10. It is a really cool sweater. If I saw this at Target or something for like, $30, I'd get it. But like many StitchFix items, it feels like I could find a cheaper, but equally cute, version elsewhere.


I ended up not keeping anything, though there were a few contenders. I think the online checkout issues I had made me less inclined to buy, because my user experience was a bit rough. Still, there were some real winners in here. A common trend I think I'll notice with most subscription boxes is the price, which is understandable.

To compare to TrunkClub, I would probably say TrunkClub was better only because they tried a little bit more adventure. Even if they didn't always land, it felt like they took more chances than StitchFix. But they'd be pretty close in comparison, both with a few winners, and a few real dudes.

Where should I try next? Let me know here, on Instagram, or on TikTok!

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