My 2021 New Year's Resolutions

It's a new dawn! It's a new day! It's a new YEEEAAARRRR. And I'm feeling... hopeful.

I will tell you the truth my friends - I am a serial New Years resolution failure. I truly cannot tell you how many I have failed over the years, but I can tell you how many I have succeeded: 0. Never have I ever made it to December 31 with a habit I vowed to pick up in January.

So, why is this year different? It really isn't. I always start this motivated. But, I feel like if I put my goals in enough places and enough people see them, perhaps that is enough to make me want to stick to them.

So, without further ado, here are my 2021 goals!

Exercise 30 minutes per day

I won't lie to you - the pandemic turned me into a bit of a slug. I need to start moving my body more in order to *checks notes* not die.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? My biggest plan going into this is to remind myself that those 30 minutes do not have to all be in one lump timeframe. Specifically, 3 10-minute blocks of time. Not only are those bite-sized exercises easier to convince myself to do, I also imagine it will help me to try different workouts knowing I only have to commit for 10 minutes.

Get my eating under control

I do not have a plan in place for this yet. I normally come out swinging in January with the newest fad diet, lose weight, and gain it right back. I have slowly realized that I may have a genuine issue with food, and I want to slowly work on repairing that instead of delving into a quick "fix".

This will be a slow one, but by December, I would like to have this under control in the way I see most fit.

Drink more water!

It turns out, water is good for you. Who would have thought? Not my insides, who have spent much of their life getting maybe 1 small glass of water per day.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? I bought a really cute water bottle that retains the temperature PERFECTLY. It has already helped me to drink so much more water. Long term, I'd like to get to a gallon a day, but I'm not coming out of the gates with that.

Close all 3 Apple Watch rings daily

Because I rarely struggle to close my calorie ring, and goal #1 covers the exercise ring, the goal really is to meet my stand goal every day. Standing for 1 minute in 12 different hours seems like the easiest goal of all time, and yet, it is the one I consistently fail at.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? I honestly have no idea - BUT, I think if I can get one month under my belt, seeing the beautiful view of 31 days of closed rings might push me to keep trying.

Wake up earlier

When I tell you I am not an early riser, I'm not messing around. Work starts at 9? I'll be up at 8:55, thanks. It is becoming a serious problem, and honestly, solving this would help me achieve a lot of the other goals, too.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? My lovely husband bought me a Hatch Restore alarm clock for my birthday. I am really putting most of my faith in it, but similar to the rings goal, I think if I get it under control in one month, the others will follow.

Get outside for at least 10 minutes per day

I won't lie to you - there are days in a row where I don't leave my home. Not even to step outside. Fresh air is good for you, or so they say. So, I want to make sure I'm giving myself at least some fresh air every day. Even if it is just sitting outside.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? So far, I've done at least 10 minutes of exercise outdoors, so I think that will help. This one will be pretty easy in the spring/summer, but it may take a little bit of forcing in the winter time.

Read 12 books

I love reading. I want to be an author for crying out loud, I should love to read. And yet, I don't do it enough. It goes in waves, but infrequent ones. One book a month seems like a good place to start.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? On my alarm clock, my "night time routine" includes 10 minutes of reading. I haven't done it yet, but I like the idea of reading for 10 minutes every night to finish my book. That will be a lot better than how I currently read, which is by not reading at all for 3 months and then finishing 3 books in 2 nights and not doing a single other thing.

Journal nightly

I'm kind of a negative person if you get to know me. I see the bad in a lot of stuff, and I oftentimes like to talk about things I dislike or that anger me more than the opposite. So, a gratitude journal seemed like a good idea to catapult me into a positive-ish mindset.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? I bought a very cute gratitude journal that is right by my bed. It takes 30 seconds to do, and it genuinely does make me smile to finish my day by reflecting on the things in my life that make me happy and thankful.

Take a "me" day every month

If I only get one life to live, which appears to be the case, I want to spend at least some of it just doing shit that brings me joy. Getting my hair or nails done. A massage. A shopping spree. Taking myself out to dinner. A whole day, dedicated to doing what I want to do. That's a pretty easy one, right?

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? I don't think I'm going to struggle with this one. But, I already have a hair cut & color scheduled for January, and I am planning a shopping spree in February.

Start learning Sign Language

This is probably the 10th year in a row that I'm working toward this goal. And, not once have I actually started. Will 2021 be the year this actually happens?

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? My lovely husband also bought me an American Sign Language for dummies book, and I'm really excited to start. I think that I'll probably schedule time for myself every week to work on it, like a class of sorts, so I actually commit to it.

Commit to a skincare routine

Do I take care of my skin? No, not at all. No really. Not at all. I don't even remove my makeup. I know, it's bad. So, I feel like at the age of 25, it is time to at least buy a cleanser.

WHAT'S MY PLAN TO NOT FAIL? I bought a cleanser and a moisturizer for starters, and my sister got me a little machiney thing that works the products into my face. So far, I've done okay with it and I do enjoy doing it. Am I seeing results? I don't know, its been 3 days and I don't know what skin is supposed to look like.

Take a picture and post it every day

This one is my favorite one. I love Instagram and I love taking and editing photos. Additionally, committing to a photo every day will help me to actually wake up and get ready for the day while I continue to get accustomed to working from home (ya know, like I've been doing since March...) Follow along on my Instagram if you want to see!

It is going to be a good year! What are your goals for 2021?

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