I Tried Nordstrom's Trunk Club Subscription Box. Here's What I Thought.

If anyone tells you targeted ads on Facebook don't work, simply direct them to me. My favorite pair of shoes are off of a Facebook ad. I own a significant amount of clothes that were sent to me via targeted ad. And recently, I have expanded my Facebook purchasing to subscription boxes: clothing subscription boxes.

First up was Trunk Club, owned by Nordstrom. It came to me via Facebook ad, and I decided I couldn't resist: I needed to try it out. After a quick style quiz, a $20 down payment, and a week of waiting, I had a giant trunk at my door filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I'll save my feelings for the end. Let's look at the stuff!

Charles Henry | Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Price: $44.50

Size: XXL

If you're laughing, know that you're laughing with me, not at me. I told my husband when I saw this item that I thought I would look like a plus-sized bandaid, and I don't think I was too far off.

PROS // The dress is comfortable. I mean, it really is a large sweater. And it isn't skin tight. It doesn't show the nooks and crannies of my body like I worried it would. Overall, it is good quality and not a bad dress.

CONS // It just... isn't for my body. The dress is really thick, which makes it comfortable, but also adds about an inch and a half on each side of my already wide body. I look like a worm, or a bandaid, or a foot in a nice, cozy fuzzy sock. There isn't really anything negative to say about the product itself, but I just don't like the day I look in it.

RATING // Through no fault of its own, I'm going to give it a 3/10. There is someone who would ROCK this piece. But, it just isn't me.

VERO MODA | Crewneck Sweater

Price: $23.40

Size: XL &

Sanctuary | Carnaby Plaid Ponte Crop Pants Price: $89

Size: 1X

When I, a nearly 6-foot tall plus-sized woman decided to have a bunch of clothes mailed to me without trying them on first, I figured pants would be an issue and shirts would be a shoe-in. So, imagine my surprise when these pants were amazing. And the sweater, the item that when I reviewed the trunk before it arrived I assumed would be the most inoffensive item, sucked.

PROS [PANTS] // They absolutely rock. They are stretchy. I am mobile. They are cropped, but not in a weird, ugly way - perfect with booties. They don't have a zipper or buttons, they pull right on. They are cute. They make my ass look *chefs kiss*. I really, really loved these.

CONS [PANTS] // I'm not dropping $90 on a pair of pants, regardless of how amazing they are. I am an avid lover of the Old Navy Pixie pants, and for less than half the price, they are a comparable pant. I will also say that they are really tight, so they don't hide the FUPA or any other societally-unacceptable parts of your body. (I don't mind, but some do!)

RATING [PANTS] // These are a hot 9/10. They'd be a full 10 if the price was a little more digestible. Goodbye, sweet pants... I'll be back if I win the lottery or get a raise to double my current salary.

PROS [TOP] // I mean, it's a sweater. It goes on easily. It is hard to go deeply wrong with a sweater. The color would be nice for fall and I like the neckline.

CONS [TOP] // I'm sorry, it just sucks! It isn't cropped, but it definitely isn't full-length. There is some volume in the shoulders, but it doesn't quite land on my body in the right area. And, to top it off, it is itchy! I really just couldn't wait to get this one off.

RATING [PANTS] // It is funny, because if I had to pick, I'd wear the sweater over the worm-dress, but I'm going to rate it lower. Of course a full length sweater dress isn't going to be flattering for everyone. But a sweater? I expected more! It is getting a 2/10 and I said what I said.

Free People | Remi Shirt Jacket


Size: XL

Oh, this jacket. *Heart for eyes emoji*. I saw this jacket online and I didn't like it. Especially when I saw that it typically retails for $200. It was available through Trunk Club for $99.97, and I still was shocked that such an underwhelming budget could cost so much. Then, I tried it on.

PROS // Unbuttoned, this jacket is amazing. It is made of an extremely durable material, so you could wear it when you need to be extra warm. It is casual, but it can also be dressed up. It is so, so comfortable. AND IT IS CUTE! Look at the picture, I look like a freaking cute badass. Looking at that photo makes me regret the fact that I packed it back in the box to send back.

CONS // The primary reason it went back was because of the price. I already have a rain jacket, a winter jacket, a fall/winter transition jacket, a trench coat, and a business-y winter jacket, among countless light jackets and jean jackets. The last thing I need is one more, especially if it costs so much. But, secondly, the jacket is sold with images of the model buttoning it up, and unfortunately, buttoned up, it is no longer cute.

First of all, it doesn't quite fit. The 3rd row of buttons is right on my hips, and my hips are too wide. So, I have to lift it up. Such a move makes me, in the nicest way possible, look like the Michelin Man. It was such a disappointing transition, from 100 to 0 in 3 buttons.

RATING // I have to give it a 7/10. It gets a LOT of credit for how damn cute it is unbuttoned, but if it goes from one of your very favorite items of all time to something you'd donate to Goodwill without a second thought when you wear it in a way it is intended to be worn, that has to dock some points. Even that would be look-pastable if it didn't cost a week's worth of groceries. At least I have the picture to remember it by...

Sanctuary | Party On Top Blouse Price: $99

Size: 1X

Oof, I love this top. I really do. (Note: it does button down the middle and you're not supposed to be seeing my stomach... More on that later.) The top is cinched at the wrists and has a pretty voluminous sleeve, and a beautiful V-neck. Until I checked the price, I actually put this on a hanger away from the collection of reject clothes on my chair, fully intending to add this to my closet.

PROS // It is cute as hell. This picture doesn't do it justice (and the mirror looks dirty AF because of the filter/lighting/the fact that it is dirty) but it is amazingly cute. I pictured myself sitting on a Zoom meeting in this amazing top. A beautiful life together, I thought. I really, genuinely love this top, and I would even say it might have been my favorite item in the box.

CONS // To not beat a dead horse, shit was expensive. $99 for a freaking blouse. Barring an extremely durable coat, this was the most expensive item... and it was only cheaper than the coat by 97 cents! I cannot imagine why it was that expensive, but onto the other con. It is a "stuck shirt" - aka, it is the type of material that has NO give and you can easily get stuck inside of if you don't have a buddy to get you out.

Luckily, and this could go in the purgatory-between-pro-and-con column, the buttons down the middle are operational. It isn't ideal, but if you do become trapped as I did, you can unbutton the 10 buttons down the middle, and then re-button them next time you wear it, and you can escape. (I panic took the shirt off before I remembered I needed to take a photo and was too lazy to button them all back up, hence why there is a little #skin in the middle.)

RATING // This is an 8/10. Slight dock for the material, slight dock for the bananas price. But so many points for how wonderfully cute it is.

1.STATE | Stretch Twill Slim Ankle Pants Price: $79

Size: 16

As you can see, the black pants they sent me did not work out. Despite being a 16 (I wear a 16 most of the time, but can still exist in some of my 14s), despite using all of my might, I could not button/zip these pants. I'm not sure why they were so small, except for the overarching complaint that women's pants sizing is the worst of all time.

PROS // I really don't have any, besides they were pretty stretchy in the legs so they seemed to be made of a good material.

CONS // Pretty obvious, they did not fit.

RATING // Unfortunately, this is going to be a 1/10. The 1 point is there because I do feel like, if they fit, they'd be a pretty solid product, but I didn't get a chance to get an idea of how they fit because I couldn't get them on. I said in my style quiz that I'm a ~THiCK GURL~ and if a piece would be in between sizes, to size up from my provided size (which was a 16). So, it is unfortunate to get something that doesn't fit at all.

Sanctuary | Modern Button Front Blouse Price: $79

Size: 1X

Similar to the black top, I pictured myself in Zoom meetings in this shirt. It is really cute - I like the volume of the sleeves, the deep V, and the buttons. Overall, this is a really quality top, and I loved the lavender color.

PROS // The color, the size, the fit, the style. All of it. OH, and the fact that right now it is available for only $28 on Sanctuary's website. (Which, to be fair, is actually a con of Trunk Club, because they're selling it for $79!)

CONS // The only real con, for me, is the price. I will say that it is also the type of material that is a little tricky to get off, but with only 5 buttons, it is pretty easy to button on and off.

RANKING // I will give this one a 7/10. It honestly would be a 10/10 if Trunk Club was selling the item for the same price as on the site, but since they're up-charging by more than double, it can't get the full 10/10.

ALLSAINTS | Traveling Ribbed Beanie Price: $49

Size: One size


Topshop | Brush Checked Scarf Price: $38

Size: One size

When you check out on Trunk Club, you get to pick out 3 accessories. Belts, hats, earrings, scarves, bags, and more. I chose both of these items, along with a belt that ended up being $50 so I didn't even try it on. So, these are the only items in this review that I actually selected.

PROS [HAT] // It's a cute hat. The fact that its a beanie makes me feel like a criminal, and the fact that it is millennial pink makes me feel like a VSCO girl. Basically, I feel like a gas station robber who has an aesthetic Instagram feed while wearing it.

CONS [HAT] // For being one size fits all, it doesn't fit my head super well. It felt like it was sliding off at all times, and I really felt like I was using every ounce of material to cover my melon, leaving none for the cute bounce of a typical beanie. Also, $50 for a hat seems ridiculous.

RATING [HAT] // I'll give it a 5/10. It didn't do anything good, didn't do anything wrong. It's a $50 beanie, what do you expect?

PROS [SCARF] // Everything. It is cozy. It is cute. It is the perfect pink and green combo. I literally have already worn it and posted an Instagram picture in it. I love it so, so much.

CONS [SCARF] // If I had to pick one, it would be the price. (Shocker!) $38 is a little steep for a scarf, but my $20 box fee goes toward one item, so I'm telling myself it is only really $18. Despite me categorizing this as a con, it was not enough to take away its rating.

RATING [SCARF] // This scarf gets my first and only 10/10. I love it. It is beautiful and cozy. My husband, who isn't always the most enthusiastic about fashion, said: "hey, cool scarf!" I am keeping this item :)

Sam Edelman | Samantha Bootie Price: $59.98

Size: 11

I have one question... WHY. Who said, ah, you know booties? The best winter shoe because of its thick, comfortable heel? Okay, what if instead, we make a 265lb woman balance on a toothpick? Fun, huh? I swear, this item must have a weight limit. I have never been more nervous walking in a pair of shoes. Plus, they're ugly!

PROS // Well, they actually fit. The ankle part was pretty comfortable and the toe was cute. It really had all of the makings of a good shoe! Except...

CONS // THE HEEL. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. I'm sorry, I have nothing else to say. Maybe I don't understand fashion. Maybe this is the new trend and my ass is still in 2013 or something thinking a bootie deserves a bootie heel. But, let's be real. Putting a freaking stiletto heel on a boot is stupid and ugly.

RATING // 2/10. It is so ugly. I'm sorry if you own these. Maybe you rock them! But I just can't get behind this mixed-breed shoe. It would be like putting a heel on a tennis shoe.

Marc Fisher LTD | Unno Pointed Toe Bootie Price: $83.98 ($32 via the link above)

Size: 11

I'm not really an animal print gal. Recently, I bought my first cheetah print item and I will admit I like it quite a bit. So, I was pretty jazzed to try out some snake print, because I never had before. Well, it was a real flop, through no fault of the print.

PROS // The shoe is cool. The print is cool. This is something I could see wearing to my agency job, click-clacking through the halls in a dope outfit and some snake feet. I will be honest, as someone who is scared of snakes, the print does freak me out a little, but even I can admit that it looks cool AF.

CONS // It didn't fit. Not even close. Like, it felt like it was at LEAST 3 sizes to small, maybe 4. I couldn't even get half of my foot in. My foot felt like it was cave diving, knowing it had to take some tops and turves to land in it perfectly, but I quite literally could not get it even close to in.

RATING // I will give it a 2/10, because I don't want to deny how cool the shoe is. I told the stylist I was down for anything and was trying to add some ~adventure~ to my wardrobe, so in a box filled with good corporate outfits, this was a really fun idea. But, 80% of the points are docked because it just... did not fit. And, as a size 11, it isn't like I can size up 3 sizes and give it another try!

Overall, I would say that, if I ran into these items at a Target or a thrift store, I would have left with a good amount of them. I really, really loved quite a few items, but either the fit or the price were deterrents for me time and time again. Out of some real winners, I left with only a scarf, though it is a scarf I'm very excited about.

In total, the contents of the trunk cost $793.83, with an average cost of $66 per item. I received 12 items in total. The cheapest item was the dud sweater, and the most expensive was the amazing jacket.

I paid just $20 to receive the box - which I feel like was honestly totally worth it to try everything on. It was a really fun experience, and that $20 goes toward my beloved scarf. Overall, it was worth a try, but I think the upscale-ness of Nordstrom carried over into its subscription service, bringing prices up and out of my price range.

Stay tuned, because I also have a StitchFix box on the way!

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